Monday, February 27, 2012

Do You See Me?

How do you see me?
As I stand before you what do you see?

Unless you are me
you cannot see me as I am.

You have a lens,
you know.
You use it whenever you look away
from your very important life.
Your's are the experiences 
through which you know me.
Not mine.

My life only matters 
in how it relates to you.
So I want to know.
How do you see me?

Are we more alike 
or different?
Am I clearly distinguishable. . . 
from my surroundings? 

You might be happy
or sad.
I'll change.
But it isn't me.
It's that lens that does it.

You and that life of yours 
distort how we all look.
It changes your focus;

Your viewpoint.

Do you see all the colors that are part of my life?
Do you even think about the experiences
that have made us who we are?
Or are you so focused on yourself that all that is left for us is black and white.
You see what you see,
never mind fine-tuning your vision
To Really See Me.

Would it make a difference if I screamed,
"Look at Me!"
"Look . . . At . . . Me!"


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TexWisGirl said...

wow. some thought-provoking words, there...

Anne McCormack said...

Very interesting variety of views. I like the 5th one. The colors are cool. And since we can't really get out of our own heads, we may as well enjoy it!

Andrea said...

Yes i am looking, feeling even, you and I are ONE!

Out on the prairie said...

very well done, a nice share

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Thanks for your comments. I wasn't sure anyone would even want to read this one. I just knew I wanted to write it. The day after I published it I attended a retreat discussion at which ended up discussing how seeing things through the lens of God changes the way everything looks, including the way we look to ourselves. I thought that was an interesting coincidence.