Monday, October 29, 2012

Stepelia gigantea

A new bloom appeared on our library porch this week. 
Stepelia gigantea  or Starfish cactus finally bloomed.

The bud has been growing since early September and I thought it would never open.

Maxine Plum gave me this plant.  This is the same Maxine who has given me other plants throughout the years.  

Another common name for Stepelia gigantea is Carrion flower.  There is a good reason for that.  If you look closely into the elaborate center of the bloom this is what you see . . . Yes, those are flies. By-the-way, while you are looking closely you should be holding your nose because you'll be smelling the same thing the flies are smelling - rotten meat!

But is you have been smart enough to keep it outside then it isn't so bad.  I have chosen to write on the front porch   this week instead of on the library porch.  I will stand back and safely admire the beauty of Stepelia gigantea. 

The weather is supposed to get down to freezing again this week.  I am hoping not while the flower lasts because that is one flower that will NOT accompany the plant inside.

 To read about my connection to Maxine Plum, please read Maxine & Jean.


Karen said...

Oh, what an exotic bloom. But to think it smells like rotten meat, ewwww.... Great idea to have it outside in that case. I hope cold temps didn't cut the flowering time short. It sure does look like a starfish!

Andrea said...

I have been seeing and hearing about this cactus! I am curious if it will grow in our hot tropics. I normally see it only in temperate blogs. By the way, is it Stepelia or Stapelia!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just discovered that these are also called "Orbea".

Lenie-Ane-Moon said...

Hello Nellie it is a long time ago since I have been on your blog... on my blog I have new articles...What an exotic flower and very interesting to see those pictures and read about it
Best Wishes from Holland

Unknown said...

I find your page very interesting..especially your wild flowers..I live in Zone 4 in Canada and not sure where you are but I have enjoyed the tour very much...Thank you.....from Ann in Northern Ontario Canada..

Unknown said...

Brendan is my grandson..he is ok with his Granny using his post !!!