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Monday, November 1, 2010

Down to the Water

Continuing the thread from yesterday's Autumnal photos. . .
Down at water level, things are going well.  Next spring, this rhododendron will appreciate the sunlight that lands on their broad leaves unhindered by leaves overhead.
Throughout the mountains, leaves are dropping off trees in the way they were designed.
Trees lean over streams, drop leaves that sink, gather on snags then sink to the bottom where they will decay into muck that provides habitat and life for many bottom dwellers.
Much of that muck will eventually will be carried downstream as the mountains continue to wear down through the millennia. When the mountains are no more, swift narrow streams will cease to run.
and scenes like these will cease to exist.
But, for now both the streams and I am here. I will enjoy my time with the water.


Jain said...

The second pic ~does~ look like my stretch of river! I envy your rocks and riffles, though, just lovely! The sound must be soothing, too. Ahhhh.

Beyond The Garden said...

But your water is probably closer to your home. I am in WV on top of a hill with not much water. This water isn't near me - so sad.