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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to the junco

Despite what any calendar says, winter is now officially here.
The leaves are mostly off the trees, Deer are gathering in the fields, Hunters are hunting them, elephant ears have been dug up and put in storage, Christmas shopping has started, airplane tickets have been bought for Christmas vacation and even more importantly - 
I saw my first junco this morning. Yes, it is just one, but it is a junco.

Spring, summer, and fall finds juncos in the mountains but the first scent of a storm up there and down they fly. I am sure that many more will follow this one soon, perhaps tomorrow.  I welcome their calm demeanor at the feeder, They don't fight, scream or fly into our windows.  A junco's plumage gives me hope that gray days don't need to be depressing.
Today, the third day of Thanksgiving month, I give thanks for a junco!

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