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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cowbird Dance

A black, predawn morning was soon split by fuchsia streaks that foretold a coming rain. An omen known since the first sunrise and sunset was pronounced "good,"  a  "saying" spoken of by Jesus and used by people since the dawn of time (pun intended) to make plans for the day, "red at morning, sailor's warning; red at night, sailor's delight," proved true this morning.   
Thundering rain was followed by a misty fog that pushed us back toward bed only to be pulled, again to the window, by turkeys that gobbled in response to each thunder clap. 
Once the rain stopped and my internet recovered, I gathered my "office" consisting of a tray with a carafe of green tea, my teacup and saucer from Patty, with my computer, tucked tightly under my arm and went out to the picnic table on the porch. Because it is a cool morning I have on my twenty-four year old corduroy winter coat and have a blanket, quilted by my sister, wrapped snugly around my legs.  "How could that be worth it?" you might ask. Because, this is where things are happening.
This is where a pair of Carolina wrens is building their nest. It's where Robins sing their greetings to each other and to the day. 
It's also where a pair of Brown-headed cowbirds have chosen to dance their way to romance.
With movements that resembled many human folk dances, the birds mirrored each other's action or took turns with their steps.
Through short flight from branch, or a bob of its head, each bird made its intentions known.
This was my favorite move.
Yes, I am happy to be here, bundled as I am, happy to hear the drum of Woodpeckers, the call of Phoebes, the dong of chimes and the caw of distant crows.



Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by...glad you did. We are in central FL. I spend most of my mornings in the screen/room (4 patio sliding doors), for the same reason you do. I don't want to listen to the TV or the radio..just nature. When TV. on the boat? no TV

we'll be launching next week for a couple of weeks..check us out.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello nellie girl and this is a wonderful place to see all of the "action" going on in your garden ! .. We are lucky to have similar mornings .. the Robinator singing his little heart out .. our Mourning Doves .. the little local finches .. I love it too: )
Now if we could only make our attic raccoon proff for the rest of our time here ??
I would laugh too .. how can this happen 3 times ?? Our raccoon man has a lot of work to do !!!!!!
PS great pictures girl! Husband loves watching the birds too!

Out on the prairie said...

lovely to be out and part of all around you. I saw a cowbird flock moving through today.