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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beauty in Brown

Pinks, yellows, bright green, while undeniably welcome after a long winter spent impatiently awaiting their arrival, must not cause us to miss the beauty of brown.

The fungus sprouting from a woodland floor captures my attention a moment before I might have crushed it beneath my foot.  Like prehistoric American pottery its brown curled edge alternately reflects and holds light.
Exactly the size of my cupped hand, fully extended with fingers  curled up holding the sinking weight of itself.
Living amid flecks of dying Tulip poplar, strewn abroad by Pileated woodpecker in search of life to swallow, the fungus grows. . .
. . . at peace in a world of pinks, yellow and bright green.
  Most of these are great children's books that I have recently discovered. They teach some good lessons and the last two  creatively fill in some missing information from beloved Bible stories. They tell us what else could have happened.  Jayber Crow is a fun meaningful read and a Prayer for Owen Meany is what I'm reading now for a facebook reading club.


Out on the prairie said...

Almost looks like a type of puffball.

Beyond My Garden said...

Prairie, It is pretty tuff/rubbery. I'll keep an eye on it to see how it changes.