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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wildflower Patches

Yesterday, I promised that today I would give you an update on our WILDFLOWER STRIPS  that we planted a few years ago.  It has been interesting and fun to watch how each strip changes through the years.

That first year we had to wait until the middle of July before we saw any blooms
but this year we saw blooms in May.
The first year we had a mixture of colors with lots of pink Cosmos.

The following summer our son and daughter-in-law had their wedding at our home. We wondered if there would be many flowers blooming for their wedding and what color they would be.
We were pleased.

The flowers bloomed in an explosion three days before the wedding.

Almost every one was golden with a black center, matching perfectly with the green and black theme.

My cousin, Scarlet cut and arranged for a couple hours before the wedding. There were plenty for table decorations and, together with others from inside my garden, for the bride's bouquet, held by my daughter.

Last year we had a lot of yellows and golds but there were some lavender Monarda and plenty of Echinacea in there, too along with some other varieties. 
This year the Monarda is making an even stronger show.
But there is a good mixture of others, too.

 This year we have these wonderful purple spikes (Liatris spicata) - shown in the first photo. Right now the goldfinches are gorging themselves on the seeds.

Across the road we planted a patch that was supposed to be especially attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.
That first year we had a poor showing but things but by last year the strips looked pretty good.  They are heavy in Coneflowers (Echinacea).
The year before last we planted a row in between the two rows already growing. This year it is almost all yellow.
The Coneflowers are still not quite fully blooming but already are    attracting butterflies . . . 
bees . . .
. . . and a few unwanted visitors.


Simone said...

How wonderful to see you reaping the benefits of all your hard work. What a special bouquet they made. So special

RedPat said...

Love the goldfinch action shot!

NCmountainwoman said...

What a wonderful series of photographs. I'm sure you are really enjoying those beautiful flowers.

Beyond My Garden said...

The wedding was 2 years ago this week. Happy anniversary to my son and daughter-in-law

Out on the prairie said...

The liatris is just starting to bloom around here. you have developed a nice garden, I love all the blooms.