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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Vignettes

After a couple posts that some might call "nonsense," (I still say, "true.") lets go back to flowers.                                                       Today I want to share a few scenes from the garden. Your views will be from the past two weeks.  This one to the left is from outside the entrance of the Bell Arbor. (Those are bells on strings to keep out the deer.)
We'll just bounce around so I can show you what is blooming.
Salvia and Celosia are planted for their promise of red in August.
While there aren't blooms, the fern garden is there to let me feel a touch of the tropics. The view below is from outside.  Someday the boxwood and inkberry will enclose it on this side. That little volunteer dogwood will provide some morning shade.
There is a stone path between the Hostas and those Sensitive ferns.

Non-native Japanese ferns are well acclimated to the Ohio Valley. I planted this rock behind them because its lichen shares the same shades of green.

I dug these Ostrich ferns off the edge of the gas line right-of-way. Read more about how I found these ferns HERE
 This view is from the other side of the fern garden looking back in.
I mustn't leave out my sedum container.
The Jack-in-the-pulpets keep getting bigger, towering over the Regal blue hosta, just ready to bloom.
Speaking of hostas, they almost over ran the bed below.  I pulled many out and composted them. The spring rush left me no time for transplanting.
These daylilies were dug out of the Ohio River bank. There are thousands now blooming along the river and roads in our part of West Virginia. Their cheery dreamsicle orange is too pretty to call "common."
They look like they are stretching their strong green necks to see over my walnut fence.
Just beyond the gate Sweet williams mix with Poke, Pawpaw, and Virginia creeper as yard blends into woods.
Our last vignette today is around in front of the house.  The Pool of Tranquility (You can read about it being built at that a great place for us to end today's walk. Did you bring a book? I'm ready to sit and read.
  You can't get much better than Julie Zickefoose's Letters from Eden. 


texwisgirl said...

the japanese ferns are just gorgeous! they stole the show for me!

Leigh said...

Oh your garden is gorgeous! Some day I hope mine looks similar to that. In the meantime, I'm battling years of neglect and overgrowth. Your photos are great. I have to ask though, where did you get your garden cart? That's the kind of thing I'm looking for.

Beyond My Garden said...

Leah, sorry but my sister bought it about 15-20 years ago. I inherited it when she moved I do love it. I am trying to remember a good one. I'll write you if I can remember it.

Leigh said...

Nellie, thanks for leaving more details on my blog. I used to have a Garden Way cart, eons ago. I had heard that Vermont Cart company had bought them out. Also read on some gardening forums that folks didn't think they were as well built as the old ones. My wheelbarrow definitely needs replacing though, so I'm considering my options!

Iris said...

Wow--your world is so incredibly green and lush and just beautiful! I love those 'dreamsicle' daylilies (great fence photo!) and all the variations in color in the ferns. Happy GBBD.

Leigh said...

I found your cart! On a hunch I zoomed your photo, saw the name plate and googled it. It's a Kadco Garden cart, more info here.

Beyond My Garden said...

Thanks Leigh, I didn't think of that. I may need to give one as a gift some day.

Jean said...

Very inspiring tour of your garden!
I dug up the Orange "Ditch Lilies" from a roadside and planted them in my yard. Love them!

Ramona said...

I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful garden. The contrast of the orange daylilies and the old wooden fence has a lot of character. Creating vignettes add so much interest to a garden.

Sue said...

Oh, where to start---you have such a beautiful garden!!!! I'm envious of your shade-you're able to grow so many beautiful things....ferns, hosta......jealousy, jealousy!
And the selection of sedums-lovely!
Do the bells work at keeping out the deer? We have HERDS of them coming through-the damage they do is unreal. It looks so pretty with the bells hanging there

Beyond My Garden said...

Sue, Last year was the first year to have daylilies grow without first having been eaten to the ground; My hostas are finally beautiful though threatening to take over; My blaze azalea is finally growing higher than 6 inches. YES! the bells work. We also put the fence around the whole garden. I have edible stuff right near the bells but I have never seen any sign of deer these two years.

Michelle said...

What a great post. I enjoyed every minute!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh your garden is amazing. The pictures are so beautiful!!

Rose said...

Love that photo of of the lilies against the is wonderful.