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Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Breath

Inside my garden there is a party of spring blooms.
Baby's Breath Spirea (Spiraea thunbergia)
As do many of the branches in my garden, those of Baby's breath spirea reach horizontally toward the sunny side.

This bush is one taken, from the old home site I, previously, have written about. SEE HERE  (Or CLICK HERE to read about this and several other old home sites.) My daughter, Mary with her Aunt Mary, dug it out of the ground and brought it home as a single branch with a thimbleful of roots attached.
The blooms of my spirea don't last very long,
but they are a cheery announcement of spring. Within days the tiny white blossoms will drop their delicate petals. Like the lightest snow they will fall upon bright green grass and flutter across my garden.
(I have no idea why today's blog entry is a different background color. Just enjoy the temporary change.  Things should be back to normal on Monday.)



Anonymous said...

My spirea is more pinkish. I like your white.

Jane said...