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Friday, April 15, 2011

Once again high water turned a corn field into  a wetland.  While the farmer may not be too happy, I am thrilled.

Great egrets aren't too common around here.  I've seen one or two standing around in Ohio in the backwater of the Ohio River. but I've never seen them close to home. This day we have six.

This one isn't too happy to have me playing the part of paparazzi. 
Like a dancer across the stage, it is starting to move through the water.
As I step out of my car, we see the egret lift out of the water.
At first, fully extended, the mammoth bird begins tucking its neck
. . . and extending those long, delicate legs.
I like that photo above for the light and dark of the egret's shoulders, forming a reversed "3" where they meet the bird's back.
The egret skillfully dodges trees as it crosses what is usually the creek edge to put distance between it and my camera.  Join me as we stand quietly and admire its flight.

Once it cleares the trees brush and low-growing willows, it turns its lovely white body leftward.
 Finally lowering, it closes in on a friend, probably knowing that there is safety in numbers.
Once again dropping those legs in preparation for landing,
 stretching out its neck for balance.
Having escaped that fearsome lady with the camera, the Great egret returns to a quiet day of fishing.


Kjell T. Evensen said...

Gorgeous series of the Egret. Good catch.

Beyond My Garden said...

Thanks Kjell. I've probably posted too many photos but I just couldn't stand not to share the flight ones.

RedPat said...

Fabulous series of hi in flight!

mary said...

Nelle, I really liked these egret pictures. I am glad you had lots of them, I can't pick a favorite, but would like one hanging on my wall. MDK

Debbie said...

great series of photo's....LOVE the reflections in the first few. awesome flight shots, nature giving us joy!!!!

Rose said...

I love the ones of it in flight!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

nellie !!!
That was amazing : ) I wish I could see such a beauty myself .. a few mornings ago I saw a pair of herons (I think) fly over head .. I tried to take a picture but I couldn't get a focus on them .. but they were a beautiful sight to see .. I can imagine seeing yours so close was a thrill .. they are such beautiful birds : )
This was a wonderful post to see girl !

Beyond My Garden said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. The egrets are gone now. the Ohio River went back down leaving the field as mud but This afternoon it came back up and is rising. Maybe the egrets will come back.

sis said...

Love this!!