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Friday, February 4, 2011

We had an unusual sighting in our yard during this last snowfall.
It was a species I had not previously seen and couldn't find it in any of my identification books.
I had a bowl of suet/seed/berry mixture on our porch railing that must have attracted the bird. (bird?)
Once the mixture was gone, our visitor was seen at the bird feeder, resting on the shelve since he was obviously too large for the feeder, itself.  This bird seemed very wary. His wings remained outstretched, ready for flight.  I kept searching my books, but never found anything similar.  (It's the ears, I can't find them on any birds in my book.)
Many of the regulars tried to make friends such as the titmouse above and the woodpecker, below.
The often courageous chickadee once again led the way by deciding the newcomer was okay. They soon dined together.
Perhaps I need to consult an expert - or buy a new identification book.  Mine seem to be lacking.
If you can help me with any identification suggestions, I will be very appreciative.



Scott said...

Yup, I'd say you need a new ID book. It does look like it wants to fly south, but started just a little too late and got frozen in take-off.

Beyond My Garden said...

Scott, you must be right because it disappeared when the weather warmed up. Or else it doesn't like the warmth. I just don't know.

Sarah Knight said...

; )

floweringmama said...

Oh that is hilarious!!!

Great post!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thorny snow monster?

Jain said...

Ha ha! The Titmouse looks so confused! :oD