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Monday, February 7, 2011

Signs of Spring

For us in our homes, behind the glass, we don't know if we are winter or in spring.  Yes, we know the calendar says winter, but even humans pay little mind to the calendar when deciding the season. We no longer wait until Memorial Day to don our white shoes or go without stockinged legs.  Like the birds of the air and mammals in their burrows, we use the weather to tell us how to go about our daily lives.  If it becomes warm, we start to strip, baring our skin to absorb that long-missd sunshine.
But lately it is hard to tell.  We have snow one day and warmth the next.  Those of us who pay attention to nature, though, have seen signs. We have noticed the hawks sitting on the nest.
But there are probably not yet eggs.  The pair is still busy with remodeling the nursery
I don't watch long for she is not comfortable under my intrusive watching . . .
. . . and soon has had enough of my observing.  She makes natural use of her wings . . .
 . . . soon flying up and out of my sight.
Stay tuned. More signs of nature coming tomorrow.

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floweringmama said...

I saw my first sign of spring last night. I had to get out after dark to run and get hubby some cold medicine when I noticed something scurrying across the yard. After some maneuvering I got the headlights on a rabbit. There were 3 of them! I guess they knew we were going to get hit hard with snow today.