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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Hope Mills

Located in Cuyuga New York, about twenty miles from Skaneatles, in New Hope, New York,  New Hope Mills is an interesting stop when driving around Skaneatles Lake, one of New York's finger lakesThe lake road takes you across the dam of the upper mill pond and just above the saw mill, one of two mills that makes up the New Hope Mills complex.  Yesterday's blog entry was of the upper pond. 

The sawmill is in pretty rough shape, almost overgrown with brush on the creek side though the water continues to flow over the ___ foot dam with force landing at the base of the mill which no longer uses the water to drive it.  From this dam, water surges forward until stopped by the lower mill pond just above the grist mill which last ground flower in June of 2010.  

New Hope Mills, Inc. now makes all its flour products at a more modern facility about an hour away though the owners say that they plan to keep this mill in operating condition as a working museum.

 The historic 1800's mill is well worth a stop to look around and enjoy this small piece of history.
New Hope Mill is run by a turban run by the water dropping from the large pipe  you see above.
This timber-frame covered bridge crosses the dam of the lower mill pond.
 Below are grinding stones and metal cogs from the mills "glory days." Notice the grooves in the stone where the ground flour flowed off into catch basins which were probably wooden.

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