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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

With our eyes open we might see wonders that, otherwise, we would miss. A roadside pond fills with Canada Geese gathering before winter's cold sets in with a permanence that not long ago was not shared by these geese.
The geese were becoming scarce in many parts of the eastern United States. Once reintroduced, the geese soon prospered.  These were feeding and socializing only feet away from the pavement.  I was concentrating on the right side of the road waiting to see an historic site.  I almost missed the geese.
Once I saw them, though, I stopped the car to watch.  
The trees leaned perfectly over the mill pond surrounded by pale green shrubbery that could have been painted by Monet, had there been an arched walkway nearby.
Happy to have turned my head across the road, I watched, Thankful for Geese.

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