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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fallen Leaves

Multicolored leaves have lost their hold on trees, leaving them bare but not empty.
With the coming of winter a pair of red tail hawks are laying claim to their nest.  This is the same pair that nested last winter, raising a pair of still-active offspring.  Red Tail Babies This was the first day I've seen the on the nest, but that may be because leaves kept them hidden. I don't know the sex of the hawk in the tree. even if I could see it closely, I may not know enough to know.  Nearby was a family member. (The hawk's family, not mine)
A good friend told me of his experience while deer hunting up on the hill above the nest tree.  While my friend was standing very still a chipmunk ran by then stood still, upright. At that moment, one of the redtails swooped down and claimed the small rodent for its breakfast.
Meanwhile, I have found many of the fallen leaves. . . A sugary pile has accumulated on this apple pie.

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Naturedigital said...

Love the hawks, But love the leaves fallen on the pie as well.