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Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Tail Babies

If you remember from earlier blogs, I've been watching the nest of a pair of red-tail hawks in the tree near our driveway. 
This week while driving down the hill with my window open I heard the high pitched screams of eyasses.  I zoomed in with my camera and took some photos.  Though, I wasn't sure what the camera was capturing, a review definitely showed a white eyass high in the nest.  Could there be more?

I kept taking pictures, trying for a better angle.
Yes! There were two eyasses in that nest. They were hungry babies.  Mom or Dad quietly passed over my car, probably checking me out while they searched for food.
There is just a small break in the leaves that allows me to see the babies. The parent red-tails will see more of me parked on the hill taking family portraits.


Carol said...

What a great capture! All because you were listening to nature!! and you had a good camera on you!

Beyond The Garden said...

Yes, I love my camera. It is not a pro model, but it works well for me and seems to be attached to my right hand.