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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It helps to have a good sense of direction, to know where you are when you are there. That isn't always the case, though.  Sometime we have no idea where we are. When that happens we should, at least, know where we are going. The danger is when we neither know where we are nor where we are going.  It is good advice to always know one of these.  
We are confronted with many paths, daily making decisions about which to choose. Some are narrow with thorns and weeds to grab at your pants, sometimes slowing you down or making your journey uncomfortable. It is not always right to avoid a path like this.  If you know where the path leads and that is where you want to go, then choose it confidently and put up with the weeds and thorns or perhaps, if you are careful, you may avoid some of them, especially the thorns.
Other times you may have no idea where a path in front of you leads but it looks very interesting. A plant, or even a light you see further down the trail may attract you or you just like the way the trees look overhead.  As long as you know where you are at the start and you know that you can turn around and easily come back, then make that unknown choice. This will be the path where you learn something new, maybe discover a plant you have never seen before.  By traveling a new road you will add to your life. If traveling gets too steep or rough, just go back to where you were started and choose a different way.
Sometimes it is right to choose an easy path.  Walking where the way is level and clear gives you time to think, to rest up, to just enjoy the day. You don't always have to accomplish something when you travel. Just keep going forward.
A good path has many twists and turns in it. Even if you know where you are and where you are going, it is a good path that changes daily. New plants bloom as others fade away. Trees grow older and larger, berries bloom, ripen, are eaten then replaced by something else growing in their place. One day a deer and her fawn might cross your path, another day it could be a poisonous snake.  Each of these you will watch, admiring the beauty - respecting the danger. 
You may know this path and where it will end up, but you won't always know what is around every bend. Some days you might even choose a side road that strays away then circles back to your original        
There will probably be times on your journey when you choose a different way to reach your destination.  There is always more than one way to get where  you want to be.  There will be days when you are drawn to a path that you cannot take.  You might see hints of what the path has to offer, but you are needed somewhere else. Responsibility draws you in a different direction. Don't forget this alternative. Remember how to get here. Save it for another day, another season. Save it for when you have time to travel its direction.
No matter if you are on a path of your own choosing, or walking where someone else has led, be sure to look around. See where you are and where you are going. Pay attention. If you are walking up hill and your legs are tired, you don't want to walk any more then take a breath, look around see what is growing beside you, what else is with you on your road. Be happy with where you are going or change directions.

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