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Monday, August 9, 2010

Berries, Rose Hips and Paw Paws

This afternoon I began my walk hearing the far distant rumble of thunder. I chose to walk across our small hay field in order to view the many butterfiles that are visiting white queen anne's lace and orange butterfly weed scattered across the field. I cut into the woods across from our treehouse then followed the timber trail behind the large hay field coming out at the hill's edge. It was time for a rest.  I sat on a clear spot and looked up at the trees forming a green keleidescope of shade overhead. As I listened to the blue jays nervously announce my presence I could almost feel the storm's still far-off rumblings. For now, it was time to leave the woods and see what was happening in the big hay field.  Berries and nuts are  becoming ripe and ready for birds, squirrels and small mammels to harvest.
 Some I couldn't readily identify, though most I know. This plant to the left is one I have not yet found. Its bright green berries blend in with its surrounding leaves like a bouquet.

A trio of dogwood berries squeeze together blushing a rosy pink as they ripen even while their tree's leaves curl in response to several weeks of dry weather.

Berries range from blush to pure, shining red, dangling from a chocolate brown branch

Nothing beats a sumac for brilliant gaudiness.  These fuchsia berries exploded with white powder when I tried to inspect them.

Their shapes appear random.   This one could be Jimmy Durante's nose after a day at the beach without sunscreen.

A bundle of the fruits look tropical.

Even multifloral rose is getting ready to provide winter food as its hips mature.
Not only berries and rose hips, but paw paws are filling out and will soon be ripe, falling to the forest floor, filling the air with their faint aroma of bananas. The seasons inevitably change. While I wish to deny it summer is wrapping things up. In the middle of ninety-five degree days fall is already planning its arrival. The animals know it. It's time I accept it. 
But rumblings are getting closer. I need to hurry home.  The storm is getting close. More about that tomorrow.


Alan said...

I enjoyed the tour. You’re lucky to have a mature paw paw tree nearby. I've heard their fruit is very tasty if you can beat the raccoons to it.

Beyond The Garden said...

Alan, they are good-if you can stand the mush and seeds. Stop by if you are over this way and I'll get you som paw paws