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Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day (Lilly)

What better way to start your day than with a montage of daylilies? After a morning walk accented with early-rising mosquitoes and dew-covered spider webs, daylilies welcomed me into my garden with their bright array of colors.
Shades of yellow abound, some with smooth petals and some ruffled.  Each of the ruffled reminds me of a trip with a friend to a daylily farm where we found hard to limit ourselves to just a few choices. Once we made up our minds and emptied our billfolds, we got busy with a shovel dividing our selections in half to share. 

Lilies with their chartreuse throats, each bloom lasting only a day. 
Several, with their trifold structure remind me of my trinity gate. Their petals give an illusion of the continuous lines of a Celtic knot.
This mass of pink spent and opening buds looks almost alive with color and form.  The ruffled petals have a texture that reminds me of the patient pink toad crouched upon a stone beside the pond waiting for its breakfast.
One of my favorites is this beauty below with edges so curled that they barely allow it to open
The fuchsia broken to allow spots of pale yellow then lined with dark pink are set off with a bright yellow throat that deepens into a fluorescent green glow emanating from its base.
I'll leave you with this burgundy beauty, its outer triangular petals outlined in white.
It serves as a final fix to my color addiction.


Susan said...

So pretty. I can't wait for my daylilies to bloom here in Maine - they are starting to 'bud up', but I think I have a few more weeks until they will look as good as yours.

Beyond The Garden said...

Susan, Saturday was my first day for a good "show." Everything is very early this year here.