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Friday, June 18, 2010


Morning has turned into late afternoon and I am just now writing this blog.  The day began early (6:00 am) then quickly became hot.  To be sure I was ready for tomorrow's house concert I knew I needed to do some gardening today.  So after a bit of weeding, I mowed.  The grass wasn't too high since it hasn't rained much this week.  But it was terribly hot - 90 degrees.  Here in the Ohio valley, heat comes with high humidity. Yes, I know.  That is alot of whining for one blog. I'm finished now; both whining and mowing. 
Satisfied is how I feel after mowing my garden. I like the look of cleanly mowed paths bright green against the foliage of the garden beds.

I'm ready for company now though it wouldn't hurt to do some more weeding. 
But there is always weeding.  I'll just stay satisfied.
I'll enjoy it while I can, for it has already started growing again.

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