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Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Repose

Sun's last rays slip through the trees, skip across the yard and land on the hillside across the gully.  It must feel good on a cold damp day to feel that last bit of warmth before the sun sets.  Two white tail deer chose that spot nestle into the snow and watch the day end.  I happened to glimps them while I was getting firewood this past week.  The pair sat facing the sun and watching me as I went about my chores.  I tried to keep track of them without letting them know I was paying attention.  They didn't seem to worry except when I stopped moving.  Perhaps they could tell that I wasn't much of a threat as I stumbled across the yard, leaning into the wheelbarrow full of wood chunks destined for the woodstove.  One of the does became very alert when, after I pulled my camera out of my pocket, I stood still and focused on her. She reminded me of a young woman self counsciously posing as soon as she sees a camera.  Her movements caused my photo  to blur.  As I finished the shot, she craned her neck up as if ready to leap up and flee. You will have to accept from me that she is beautiful as is her calmer friend below.  I quickly put the camera back in my pocket ant returned to my work leaving the deer alone to enjoy their time together with day breathed its final breath.


Anonymous said...

Now that is a great capture. How did you sneak up on that little lady?

Andrea said...

Hi Nellie, you had two posts for Repose? If i had another blog i would also enter another post. BTW, i love the font you used here.

The Sage Butterfly said...

What a beautiful photo! It truly does capture the beauty and message of repose! That is one that I could stare at and find repose quite quickly.