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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alls Right With the World

Finally the world looks as I  think it should be.  The songbirds were just waiting for a break in the snow to begin nest building and carry on other courtship rituals within my sight.
My ears were telling me that some of this was going on already, but a whole weekend of sunshine and fields has brought them out into the open, more visible to the watching humans.
Winter is still here. I know that. We will probably have more snow and will definitely have more cold weather but my heart has moved on to spring. 
Luckily, in this betweeen time as winter winds down and spring winds up, there are still some plants holding on.  By holding on, I mean actually holding on.  Clusters of fruit, wrinkled and dried, still cling to the branch, holding on to their bright color announcing to birds arriving back after a southern winter that here is a good place to eat.

Without the bright snow covering the ground, the turkeys have become braver.  their mottled brown feathers no longer stand out in contrast.  Several mornings I watched them run quickly across the field of white in their search for remnants of nuts, seeds and bugs.  Now the gobblers have the confidence to tarry, assured that should danger encroach too closely upon their feeding, they may quickly disappear into their surroundings.

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