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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Raspberries that were a bit too far gone for Jeff's lunch brought some interesting  bird reactions.
For half of the day, the birds didn't quite know what to do with the berries. "Who ever heard of raspberries being ripe in March around here?"
Several birds poked a bill at the berries then grabbed a familiar sunflower seed before flying up to the closest tree to eat. But the eight berries continued to get attention.  One woodpecker took a couple hours before it got up the nerve to actually eat one.  Both Male and Female visited today.
This wren, below, is a new visitor to the feeder and perched at the feeder a long time without eating anything. I never saw the wren choose either seed or berry.
The woodpecker knocked one to the ground - quite a surprise to this female cardinal, below.
Finally, one-by-one, the eight berries disappeared, even the one on the ground.

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