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Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Morning

Yesterday, I needed to get out of the house early to go have some blood work done before I starved from the night's fasting. (I have very little endurance for fasting). But, as soon as I opened the front door to leave, I turned right around, grabbed my camera and took off out the back door for the garden.  The sunrises, this time of year are fantastic. For a few weeks, the angle and point-of-entry, combined with cool clear morning air, are just right to make even the messiest garden look good. 
This is the first spring with my new fence and it has brought new inspiration. 

Next week is the week I plan to clean up the garden.  I leave garden trash to lie  over the winter.  I leave it for the seeds to feed whatever wanders in and for the debris to provide some insulation to the ground underneath and protection from storms until there is some growth to deflect driving rain and wind.  I realize that there is  a very good argument to remove the debris so that I'm not providing a habitat for disease and pests but the non-active approach fits my personality better.  This way I can provide argument to support my procrastination.  This scene, even with with its brown Christmas tree and leaning herons looks nice in this light.  For your information, the Christmas tree has a purpose. 
Its job is to provide some non-aggressive acidifying of the dormant hosta bed below.  I will knock off all the needles before removing it.  And those herons? I returned in the evening to find one of them lying on its side, knocked over by day lillies growing underneath it.
The star magnolia, though a week later than last year is going to make a strong showing this year.  I love  that the brash blossoms show no fear of ridicule as they display their garish pink to an awaiting world. From its furry buds to the tissue paper flowers, This magnolia has earned its place in my garden,  And how about this combination of pink and green below?  
It looks like an old lady's Easter dress, the sort of color combination that makes a woman not mind getting old. We get to look forward to choosing colors because we like them rather than what fashion dictates.
I now had to hurry if I was going to get my lab work done andd everything else planned to fill my coming day. Phoebe calls accompanied me into the house then into my car. The combination of cold night and bright sunny morning brought be another irresistable scene as I drove over the edge of the hill and viewed the river below.
The Ohio river below lay snuggly blanked in a downy white comforter, its eyes still closed against the bright morning sun.

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