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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I stole a brief moment in the garden yesterday before the day was finished.  Light still lit the bright yellow blooms of the crocus, though without enough force to keep the blossoms open.  Each crocus' arms were clasped tightly overhead, protecting its valuable pollen.
I've been working on a project for a class I took in January.The project is due at my teacher's office on Friday - tomorrow.  I've had six weeks to complete the project, but I've never been one  to get too far ahead of schedule.  Where's  the fun in that?  While I had gathered resources and made notes thoughout the past month, the last week brought me to full panic mode as I typed notes, copied articles and made notebook tabs.  I even missed writing a blog entry yesterday.  So sorry for that.
Now, the project has been shipped and the weather woman says that temperatures will be close to 70 today.  I refuse to stay in this house another day! Who knows, I may even take down the Christmas wreath.

While I sat in front of the computer for a week, Jeff took full advantage of the nice weather to continue work on the garden fence.
Because there were no walnut trees available to split, we decided to buy posts for this last section closest to the house.  The trees left are either good for timber, or are important landing spots in the field for birds and squirrels.
After a long morning at Lowe's, Jeff had the pickets had lined up and ready to nail.  I made quick trips out with my camera accompanied with plenty of admiration for the work being done. 
Our view from the house is getting ready to dramatically change. We won't easily be able to see into the garden from the back yard. but that was part of my original plan.  The plan had been to block the view with bushes, but deer ate any bush I planted, leaving it scraggly rather than full.  That isn't so bad inside the garden where I can fill in around a scraggly bush, but it doesn't make for easily blocking a line of sight. I think the fence will be good. With a gate and another entrance throuth the long arbor, guests will be invited to enter into a private place, closed off from the outside world.
The Arbor won't have a gate.  I want to dangle something at the entrance that will appear threatening to deer but will not hinder people.  I am open to suggestions.  Right now I think something hanging down with tiny bells would be nice. Perhaps reminiscent of the sixties doorway with its dangling plastic beads.  It needs something that won't fade or tangle.
I can't wait to spend some time inside with a shovel, trowel and my garden cart, reshaping my painting that now has a new frame.

Jeff has good reason to smile!

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