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Friday, February 26, 2010

Seeing Green

Life resists all attempts to hide it.  A short break in the snow revealed a world of green.  All types of moss are exploding throughout the woods.

A miniature jungle attempts to cover the every available surface, taking advantage of  the late winter wetness.  Close ups reveal more than one kind of moss, one whose chartreuse tendrals crawl across a fallen log

These broken trees provides a home at their base for  a bright contrast against the remaining snow

It is important for me to look quickly as I trudge up and down the hillside.  The sky is already changing to dark gray and I feel the temperature begin to drop.  The weather forecast is for more snow.  I return home just in time to build the fires back up and see that by late afternoon the snow has returned.  I must admit that while I am ready for the winter to quit its blast of neverending white, the snow is pretty as it forms puffs of white on swollen tree buds.

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