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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Evening Walk

C'mon! Let's go!  Oh wait, you want to know where we are going? I suppose you should first know when we are going.  Alright.  It is June. We are escaping the dry doldrums of West Virginia August. Here, in June, the garden is still luxuriant. It is evening.  
My garden is quickly becoming dark. Oh, and that is where we are going.  We're going into the garden this glorious late  spring evening. Let's take one last look before the night claims the garden for her own.  The silver Lambs ear, (Stachys byzantina) glows in the remaining light sharing its space with deep red Astilbe. The ground is speckled with the fallen blossoms of a large Sourwood (Oxdendrum) tree blooming overhead.
Squeezed in within the boughs of Sourwood and needled branches of a Red spruce is Cornus florida, Dogwood.  From its branches we find blossoms of another kind, formed by human hands and hung by me. Green mirrors reflect the remaining light as they flicker on their strings.
Underneath, Wood poppies (Stylophorum diphyllum), known to some people as celendine poppy or poppywort, have mostly finished blooming. Here they are nestled among Wild ginger, Wood anemone and False rue anemone

Further on a patch of purply blue shines from still moist mulch shines. (Remember we are in June.  In August from which we left that  mulch is dried and home to more than a few weeds.)
One last look but this time we need the flash to keep from bumping into each other. 
That's it.  Go back to August with me.  I think I will do a little watering before all is lost.


Out on the prairie said...

Nice walk, it is so dry here and I have heard of many failures in the yard.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Here too. I just watered for the first time this year. My garden is too big for the amount of water we have so I seldom water, just in emergencies. We have a wedding reception here in 1 week so I wanted the plants to be upright and green rather than recumbent and yellow.
It seems to be bad all over but especially for all you folks west of here.

Lona said...

Lovely shots. The garden looks so enchanting in the evening. I think I need to plant a white garden bed just for the evenings.

Kerin said...

Beautiful garden walk!
Thanks for sharing.

We have battled the grasses in the garden this year.
I'm looking forward to putting a few of the beds to sleep for the winter :)

Have a great week!

Darla said...

I love the garden art hanging from the limb.

termite inspection gold coast said...

Walking in the garden at evening is so enchanting and an experience. I remember during my honeymoon. My wife and I spent it in a mountain resort and we stroll around the garden and trees under the moon before going to bed. Very romantic.

Esther Montgomery said...

That's quite some hosta!