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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hosting Daffodils

Ninety-five degrees? Really? Really.  Out last frost day here in zone 6a is May 15.  today is May 3. My banana trees are two feet tall, my day lilies are not far from blooming. It is too early to be this hot.  Today Jeff took the winter covers off our air conditioners. I went on an early morning wildflower trip with Kittie & John then came home and took a nap.  That is how one should spend an early May day that heats up to over ninety degrees.
It was just a few weeks ago I was studying the daffodils in my garden. I think there are twelve varieties.
Let's just see, here is #1, a strong all yellow one.
And here is #2; this one all white except for a pale yellow center.
Each stem puts out two flowers.
Here is another white variety, #3. This one is is large with a lemony center.  Do you notice the ruffled edges of the daffodil's cup. It is like an old-fashioned petticoat. 
This is a modern one. It is #4. the dark yellow center cup is split open so that it lays against the back leaves. 
#5, below reminds me of easter in the 60's.  I think that there must have been a picture of daffodils this color in one of those old "Ideals" magazines.  Remember them?  They had such nice homey pictures and stories of a romanticized life - always perfect families and homes.  Yeah, I liked them. 
#6 with its brilliant orange flattened cup was a gift from a friend.
As was #7.  Maxine Plum dug these from her garden.
To read a previous blog entry about Maxine's gifts read HERE
These, #8 are some I dug up from an old home site where they delivered memories of a family and home long gone.
#9 has such a distinct red rim around its tiny center cup, making the bright yellow stand out. As a child I often colored this way, outlining my picture in different color.
#10 should have been #1 because it is my first ones to cut through winter's frozen ground, undaunted by even snow.  This all yellow variety came from the old Sharp place. If you have read my blog very long at all then you know my special attachment to these flowers and others that have come from or still grow at the old Sharp place. Click HERE to read one story about this wonderful spot in the woods.
I miss daffodil days. 
 My garden is beautiful right now - Summer beautiful but nothing replaces that renewed feeling of surprise when the daffodils bloom.
For more on daffodils, including Wordsworth's poem click HERE


TexWisGirl said...

these are so pretty. it got over 90 here yesterday, also.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Beautiful series! Yes, it was also really hot in KL !

Jeanne Klaver said...

What a glorious series of photos! I always thank daffodils for the promise of renewal after a long winter.