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Monday, March 5, 2012


From inside the house I could hear birds chirping in the woods. I stepped out into a bright breezy day. The breeze chilled my bones even as the birds spoke of Spring.  My eyes fought the glare as I searched out a drumming Pileated woodpecker. My search was interrupted by a shadow flashing across the brightness.
A hawk! But what kind was it.
I had some clues for there had been a hawk lurking around my feeders.

Cooper or Sharp-shinned.  I go back and forth but think it is probably a juvenile Sharp-shinned. I have scoured guides, both paper and digital for an hour. I think this one has a hooded not capped appearance and it looks bigger in the chest than the belly. Here is the front view.

Short neck, right?  PLEASE give me your opinion.  Why can't one of each land on the same branch so I can compare.
Now, back to that bird overhead. There are enough photos that I shouldn't be having such trouble.
Still, beautiful, right?
  I have decided that I can enjoy it without knowing for sure how its wrists appear in relation to its head that may be small and neckless . . . maybe.
 Tail straight, not rounded.
 Then it was gone. Chickadees settled down. The hustle and bustle of eating returned to the feeder.

I strongly recommend these books, based on my own reading and that of friends.  The Quiltmaker's Gift is a delightful children's book, a bit longer than most. It teaches a nice lesson about not letting our stuff become too important. I had it read to me last week and now my copy is in the mail. God's Echo is one I'm just starting for a book club.  Jaber Crow is among my favorites about committment and strength of character and just fun reading.  Then there are three editions of A Prayer for Owen Meany, including first paperback then the blue hardback edition and lastly a version for your Kindle.  I've never read this one but a good friend could not have given it a stronger recommendation. After lots of discussion on Owen Meany, this one, too, is on its way to my home.   If you have read one of these, let me know what you think.


TexWisGirl said...

such gorgeous feather patterns in that hawk. :)

Out on the prairie said...

The difference is in the tail.i had a Coopers who loved my gourmet feeders.

Beyond My Garden said...

So tell me, what does this tail say to you?