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Thursday, January 12, 2012


We have a compost pile. Someday I will tell you more about it but for now know that each night, after supper either Jeff or I take our garbage - leftovers from supper - out to the compost.  It's dark out there and we never know what we might see.
A couple nights ago I was rewarded with this:
I worked with camera settings, wanting to capture the feeling I had as part of the scene. I wanted to capture the surprise and the awe that pulled my gut as I stumbled through the dark and around the corner of our cabin.  
Oh. Wow. Yes! I see you!
Now, I miss the knowledge and expertise not have not yet learned. For instance, how do I get rid of that little moon?  Do you see it on the wall? It wasn't part of the moment.
How did I do that?

I changed exposure.
Whoops, too dark. Where did the cabin go?
After deleting fifteen This one, below, is the one that chose me.


KaHolly said...

Your perseverance was well rewarded! You ended up with a beautiful picture. Yay for digital cameras.

Out on the prairie said...

Really nice shot, I enjoy full moons lighting up all around

Rose said...

These are wonderful!

TexWisGirl said...

i noticed that little moon and liked it there! :)

Willard said...

You really captured the mood with that photo!

Carletta said...

I like the last one too. I've tried getting those kind of shots but I never capture what it really looks like and winter is cold so I gave up trying.
That little 'moon' might be the result of a UV lens if you use one. I usually take mine off for moon shots.

Beyond My Garden said...

Carletta, YES! I do have a UV lens in there thank you..