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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Buck's Delimma

Not many days before deer season began I watched a buck in a dilemma.  (By-the-way, that means, "hunting season" to you non-country folks.)
 My blue car is sitting in the road.  Now he must decide, "Do I make a run for it or stand my ground?"
 Not normally an issue for a mature buck.  The normal answer is, "RUN!"  Today there is another element in the problem that makes the decision difficult.
 That's right, a doe.
 Our buck looks toward the woods in front of him.  He looks toward the woods on his left.
 He looks back to his sweet doe. 
 She is beautiful, graceful, perfect and even more . . . she is in heat.
 And yes, she is a "tease."
 I have turned off my engine, now. For twenty minutes I watch the buck agonize over his decision. It is hesitation that might cost him dearly as the sun rises over the hunting fields.

 Finally he can resist no more.  
He dashes back across the road toward the doe.

She feigns a left - then right. "Not yet dear prince."
 Your princess is not that "easy."
 We share a look that speaks of secrets shared by females for ages across the animal kingdom.
 He pants, sighs . . . and waits once more.
I leave them to their flirtation.


Mark and Gaz said...

What an entertaining series of photos :) I'm sure the buck will get his way soon!

Diana said...

I can sit for hours and watch the wildlife, and especially so the birds outside my window, each with individual habits.. so fascinating.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nellie. I hope it is filled with many blessings.

Jane said...

How lucky you are to have gotten those great pictures. Happy Thanksgiving