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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bath time at Cove Lake State Park is serious business. 

Despite a soft morning fog that threatens to obscure the water's surface, this goose has decided to "take the plunge."

Sometimes it is that first dunk under the water that is the coldest.
After that bathing is . . . well as easy as water off a duck's back.
There is a lot of area to cover
Hmmmmm. This might be easier for a swan.
Wouldn't hands be nice  Even one would be a help.
Actually, though, this goose seems to be doing just fine.
I think that is about everything.
"How do I look?" 
Finished just in time!  It seems a Canada goose is next in line to use the "tub."
Cove Creek State Park is next to Caryville, Tennessee and very close to Lafollette, Tennessee.  The park is in a valley separating the Appalachian Mountains to the east from the Cumberland Mountains to the west.  It is very close to the Cumberland Gap which I wrote about a few weeks ago. As we set up our campsite, we wondered why there were so many feathers at the waters edge in just one spot.  The next morning we learned why.  That is the story above.


TexWisGirl said...

what a cute and fun series! loved it!

Esther Montgomery said...

I'm glad I'm not a goose in winter.

Out on the prairie said...

Nice sequence and story

Rose said...

I would love to be half that flexible!

Landbohaven said...

Smukke billeder.
Tak for kigget.

mary said...

Nice pics.

RedPat said...

That is one handsome goose!