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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick View from Over the Fence.

I've been in the Big Apple this week with a very bad internet connection. Tonight, thought things are better so I can finish downloading these few photographs that I have written about. 
As I often do, I've taken you beyond my garden, but today I want you to turn around and look back in over the fence.
I am so pleased with how the Peegee hydrangea looks with the pink Crepe Myrtle.  It is the first year for the Crepe Myrtle to bloom while the hydrangea is both old and new.  It was a grafted standard that was alright, but not outstanding due to some damage on the grafted trunk.  I thought it look unbalanced, not as good as it should. From below the graft came shoots of the parent plant.  I let them grow last summer.  this year, every shoot bloomed. The cranes and I like the way it looks this year.
Look again as we move down the fence. Isn't that pink nice agains the bright white?
The late blooming white hosta blooms add to the beauty.
As we continue onward, a new banana tree is a tropical contrast to the classical American garden hosta.
This next bed is pretty far away from "well-kept." Growing tall in the background is a terrible weed that I am not going to bother looking up.  It is an aster type, sort of like a giant dandelion that goes straight to the fuzzy part, skipping the pretty yellow stage. The next day I did pull them out easily.  Large clumps of dirt clung to their short, shallow roots.  To the left of these monsters is a newly sprouted Tree of Heaven, an invasive scourge in our region.
Having told you that, I still like the bed.  The Black-eyed susans join some fun blooming plants that don't show up in the photo. There are Asiatic dayflowers, False indigo, Lemon balm and a few other delights.These meadow-like plants butt up against spruce trees on the back and a neatly mown path in front. This allows the forest to gradually transition into (almost) manicured garden.
I hope you have enjoyed this mini tour.  We only walked about twenty feet so there is little need to rest but I'm tired because I've also walked all over the streets of New York today while trying to upload these pictures.


Sandra said...


pumpkydine said...

A really lovely garden! It begs one to see more! Love the cranes!

Rick said...

And a lovely mini-tour it was - great colour and interesting variety of plants.

I know only too well what a hassle a bad internet connection can be - have been living with one for a long time - inhibits blog visits.

btw - enjoyed your barn swallow shots too - they're hard to capture.

Anonymous said...

Crepe myrtle and hydrangeas -- two of my fav'rite flowers blooming side by side! We enjoy crepe myrtle in Southeast TX, but haven't had much luck with hydrangeas.

Beautiful post!