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Monday, September 19, 2011


Yes, that title is spelled correctly. Our recent drive along New York's Interstate 86 was truly a golden journey.
This is a good year for Goldenrod (Solidago) in western New York. 
 Interstate 86 goes east/west, cutting through a rural and wild section of New York just north of the Pennsylvania border
All these photographs were taken from my position in the passenger seat of our car moving at 70 mph in and out of rain showers.
It is an area of recently deserted, overgrown farms, many of them now guarded by legions of Goldenrod blazing yellow like the sun
Obviously, though, it is not just the farms but the roadsides that are blanketed by the brilliant Solidago.  Below is the overgrown, unplanted border of a very dirty McDonald's restaurant.
While the probably new employee who took our order was very confused,  the day manager had several blackened or missing teeth and the parking lot smelled like garbage, there was this gorgeous, unmowed border that made it all worthwhile. 
 Teasel, Astor, Ironweed and Queen anne's lace were all there but the star of the show was Goldenrod.
We left the scene and were soon back on the highway, eastbound.


TexWisGirl said...

laughing at your intersprinkling of the McDonald's experience, but the roadside is lovely!

Sandra said...

I am with TexWisGirl, LOL on the Micky D experience, but that border outside is fantastic, it has been 50 years since i have seen a field of goldenrod. these are sooo beautiful.

Out on the prairie said...

A fun flower to have.It is being pushed aside a bit by New England Asters here.

pumpkydine said...

A golden ride on a golden road with a stop at the golden arches with plenty of golden flowers. Ha Ha! A golden journey indeed. Wonderful posts.

Kathy said...

Goldenrod? Kachoo!! Bless me.

Karen said...

What a pretty if unintended flower garden at Mickey D's. Sounds as if it was the only pleasant aspect of that visit, but the pictures you shared made up for the experience. How beautiful!