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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Up in the Trees

Here is an extra little post from last night as jeff and I came home in the car.
We see a pretty big raccoon turn around on our road and start running for cover across the field.
We stop the car to watch.
I hear, "Quick, Nellie, get your camera!"
I yell, "Iaaccchhhh!" "I can't find it!"
Him:  "Get it! Get it! Get it!"
Me:  "I must have taken it in the house. Go get it."
"No, wait! I'll stay here. You go get the camera."
So I get out of the car and stand still, watching the walnut tree as light quickly fades.
I'm quiet . . . very quiet.
They think I must have left and start to climb down.
I run around the tree.
"No! No! Don't come down yet!"
Four masked bandits quickly climb back up the tree.
And keep climbing higher and higher.
To the tips of the branches.
"No!" I mean "No!" "Stop, you will fall."
I stand very quietly.
Here comes the car back.  My camera was in the back seat all along.  I just didn't see it. 
Light fades.
On comes the flash.  Click. . . click . . . click.
 Four young raccoons huddle closely together, trembling in fear
waiting for me to leave.
 While their mother watches from the woods.
Planning the revenge she will claim in our tomato patch.
(There is another new post right below this one so please keep reading.)


TexWisGirl said...

we had 5 of these varmints stuck in our birdfeeder tree last year. the dogs treed them, and after several very long, hot hours, i convinced the dogs to come inside. the coons would not come down, however, and we went thru several rounds of this - for a day and a half... i threw rocks at them, used a water hose, finally got a ladder, tree saw and stood in the back of our truck bed and shook the branches until i scared a couple of them down. FINALLY they all took off after a bit...

Sandra said...

i thought it might be racoons, once about 20 years ago, we were in a park and they came out right at dark and there were about 20 of them, they were at the water, lined up staring at us with beady glowing eyes. these are great shots and a wonderful story

Beyond My Garden said...

Funny story Tex.
Sandra, 20 is too many!

Diana said...

Nellie, you got some good shots. They are cute with their masks, but indeed play havoc in our garden; we used to have more around but when some of the Doug Firs became diseased and had to be cut, the population went to the neighbors. I will tell you that one came after my husband (years ago) in broad daylight.... that was not a good thing.

PS: Favas do look much like limas but have a slightly bitter flavor that we don't find in the limas.

Have a great week.

pumpkydine said...

What a great walk you had to see so much on the previous post. I especially love the ground squirrels, they are just a hoot to watch. As for the coons, I have a soft spot for them also as I had a pet raccoon when I was a young boy. There is not a more curious, entertaining and mischevious little critter alive. Great posts!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

What a clever story !

NCmountainwoman said...

I am not overly fond of raccoons, but those are absolutely adorable. Great photographs of the frightened little guys.

Dean said...

Cool photos, Nellie.

Out on the prairie said...

Love those eyes. I must have a few coming at night, I had to look for my feeding dish for the stable cats and their water is always a mess.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Lovely set of photos..First few are cool with those glittering eyes..The next few slowly show us the mysterious owners of those glittering eye balls. wonderful!