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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Three baby blackbirds sitting on a rail
not yet dark but not too pale.

One looked west
while two looked east.
Each was waiting for a dead bug feast.

They cheeped and they squawked.
"Momma Feed us." They cried.
 No parents were in sight.
Though they looked far and wide.

One said, "forget this,
I’m not waiting for food.”
So she flapped her wings 
then from the fence she flew!


Now two were left with
nary a bite.
wondering each to himself,
“Could Sis have been right?”

One looked at me then back to the sky,
faced into the sun and away he did fly!

So where there once was three
there now remained one
With no bugs in his belly
and not having much fun
Feeling hunger inside 
his siblings had flown
and now he wanted 
a meal of his own.
Waiting for food now seemed so wrong
Up went his wings 
and then he was gone!

The fence now is empty as is the nest
Children grow up. We know this is best.
They try out their wings then off they do go.
But I’ll see mine again when I’m at Lake Ta-hoe.
     Fledglings, by Nellie Howard, 2011


Brenda said...

Awesome poem, Nelle, and awesome photos. I wish I had your talent! So glad you are my friend so I can enjoy that talent!

Jesse said...

Very good mom. Are you sure you weren't planning this with the baby birds?

Beyond My Garden said...

No, Jesse. In fact I was surprised when the last verse fell out of my head.

Randy Emmitt said...

Enjoyed the fledglings very cute!

Jean said...

Oh my...I loved this poem and pictures!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous poetry with pictures. Nice work.

My kin on my mom's side were from Summers County and Hinton. There are lots of Ballengee names still there.

Beyond My Garden said...

Abe, I'll be in Hinton next week I'll see if I run in to any of your people.

Kathy said...

Love the poem as a narration for the photos.