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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Spring

If you read any garden or nature blogs then you know that spring is happening across the northern hemisphere.  
We gardeners put out our bird baths, rake mulch off of plants and generally get our gardens ready for visitors.
Nature is getting ready too, using March winds to rake away the layers of leaves off of plants like  ground pine,
and the spring ephemeral, Squirrel corn. (Dicentra canadensis) Read about 2010 Spring Ephemerals HERE 
Birds, ducks and other water fowl pass through on their way north like this swan resting at the mouth of Newell Run in Ohio.
Just as we dig out old plants that are too crowded or trim bushes and trees that have become unruly, nature has its own destruction.
Winter storms have brought down many trees this year.  
Woodpeckers will be happy to make meals of the many bugs that will devour the fallen wood.
With all the work that needs done, I must remind myself to stop and enjoy the spring show that is just beginning.


Leigh said...

Ground pine! So that's what that is. I have it in our woods, but didn't know what it was. Beautiful photos. Actually, your place seems to look a lot like ours.

ONG said...

An awesomely awesome spring time post! You hit on it all, most importantly, to stop and enjoy it all.

jennyfreckles said...

Hi Nellie - thanks for commenting on my blog. I've enjoyed your nature posts - the blue heron is simply gorgeous. And if that woodland is part of your garden, well I'm envious. Hope we can keep dropping in to visit each other. Blessings.

Diana (Di) said...

Nellie, so right: always enjoy the "process", the moment. We miss so much along the way if we are always focused on the end result. I do believe Spring is finally here. :)