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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh. . . Wow.

I heard Jeff's muffled, "Looks like it might be a nice sunrise." 
One of this season's understatements.

I really had other things I wanted to do but I crawled across the bed and pulled back the curtain. . . .
Ohhh. . . Look. . . 
Then in full-speed mode my feet went into my slippers - never mind that they were on the wrong feet.
I snatched a camera, yanking off the lens cap as I went out the door.
Click. . . a few adjustments to the camera then, click,
. . . click,
. . . click.    
I slowly scanned the eastern hilltop. Light and color evolved quickly with each passing second.  I wanted it all.
Click . . .
. . .click,
. . . click.
Lavender, pink, hot pink, amber, blazing gold, red and orange;
black trees glowed against a neon backdrop. 
I need more words. Does some other language have better words to describe this sunrise?
Click . . .
Realizing I had fallen into that bottomless desire that hits most photographers at sunset, sunrise, the beach, and when we stare out the window of an airplane, I tried to stop. . . but couldn't.
Click. . .
. . . click, one last time.  I stood there a moment, part of the scene, imagining an invisible photographer behind me clicking away while my silhouette stood, dark, like branches of the trees,  outlined against a new creation.

Ohhh. . . Look.




Naturedigital said...

A really glorious sunrise.
Thank you for sharing.

Jain said...

All is gray here, these colours are magnificent!

KaHolly said...

And, once again, time stands still!! Very nice.

bonifer said...

Absolutely stunning, Nellie, beautiful sky!! What a treat to wake up too...and you caught it soooo well...