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Monday, March 28, 2011

House Hunting

It looks like the bluebirds are deciding upon a nest site.
I'm hoping that this is the year they choose my bluebird box.
I built it three hears ago at adult Bible school. Since then I've learned that it is better not to paint the box because it might be too slick for the bluebirds to get a good grip.  Since then I have sanded the paint off from around the hole. 
While drinking my tea, writing my blog and watching the phoebes, a pair of bluebirds came and went many times to the red house.
The female looked on while her male leaned in to, once again check the interior.
How does he see in there once his body fills the hole?
Yet another trip.
Mrs. Bluebird must be meeting with the realtor.
Mr. Bluebird seems to be guarding the house or maybe he is patiently watching to see if there is any danger around the neighborhood.
Lets take another look at the floor plan.
So here he sits. He gives me no hint as to their decision.



Jane said...

So cute, but I am sure if they pass there will be other tenants that move in right away.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Cute, very nice series !

Mia said...

Some buyers just have to think twice to decide themselfes. The colourcombination is beautiful too, red and blue :)

mary said...

I agree with Mia. I love the colors in the bluebird pictures. Really great pictures. How would one look printed and framed?

Sharon Creech said...

Great photos! I love how birds check out a spot, like prospective tenants or buyers, as you suggest. Sometimes there are bird fights between chickadees and finches over our porch bird house.