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Friday, March 4, 2011

Easy Day for Blogging

I've been busy (haven't we all?) and sick and, I'm sorry to say, probably a little sick of being so busy.  
Going outside to enjoy the day is out of the question so I hope you will be cheered, as I have been by these flowers on my mother's closet doors.  She and her brother, Uncle Dick, each took a pair of the metal sliding doors and painted them about 30 years ago.
Please ignore my mess in the midst of the photo.  While for most of my life this was my parents' room, it is now the guest room. 

I'll part until Monday with a couple new photos of the neighborhood red-tailed hawks.  You may click on the photos to enlarge them a little more. Notice that in the first one, the hawk is eating something from between its toes or maybe giving himself a pedicure.



floweringmama said...

Nell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those closet doors.

Daricia said...

i love the closet doors, too! seeing that sort of creativity always gives me joy. my mother once let me paint a border around my room, freehand like that. happy memories!

Beyond My Garden said...

Daricia, you are so right. My daughter painted the ceiling of her bedroom when she was in high school. I wouldn't trade that ceiling for a Picasso!