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Monday, February 28, 2011


  Human hands may create beauty even when beauty is not the goal.
 Whatever we attempt, though, must be recognized as frail compared to the beauty given us by nature which is always in the background of human creation.
Nature, God, or Original and Continuing Source of Energy (whatever human-created name is chosen)  is present in all creation.
The lines that connect each and every being are not always invisible.


The movie God of Wonders (the 3rd one of the Amazon ads, above) is a beautiful movie.  I have not seen anything but the trailer which is gorgeous, I mean really nice. Click on the title to view the trailer. (That's not an ad from me. I don't make money from you watching the trailer. I just think it is really pretty.)


Linda said...

Nice post. Love that last picture!

JSK said...

One of the neat things about power lines are the ecosystems that often develop in their rights-of-way. We've often found chorus frogs in pools in south Georgia and many different wildflowers that wouldn't be able to grow in the surrounding forests.