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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

You get a second posting today, Groundhog Day, 2011. The reason is that on Groundhog Day, thirty-four years ago my life changed. In honor of that time I have made this attempt to honor that special day. Poetry or prose? You can make that call, I only know they are the words that came falling forth.
If you aren't interested in these self-concious lines, just skip to the next posting, a much more typical one for Beyond My Garden.

Where is she the happiest?
"Why, the garden," they would answer.
"That is where her love lies,
with the colors and shapes she created,
the form and texture she cast
from the earth, itself."

Or perhaps, another would say,
"In the woods." "She would be happy
with a chance of discovery at every step -
animal tracks or a forgotten plant;
a tree with lichen whose beauty calls her."

"Or maybe on a mountain
with a view that takes her breath,
or hills that enfold her in a sense of security."
"Yes, that would make her happy."

Such replies, though forgiven
proves ignorance.
They don't know me at all.
For where am I the happiest?

The form I seek is not in the garden
but (here beside me) born from the earth.
The texture of your fragile skin,
rough with its scars
earned from hard work.

I am happy knowing
that with you
life is filled with discovery at every stage.
Forgotten memories
remembered with a smell or sound
whelming my life with the beauty of yours.

And the view I crave is not to be seen
from a mountain
but from my window as you come up the walk,
your lunch bucket heavy in your firm grip,
your head turning side to side
seeing what needs done
seeing what is sure about the world
you have built.

Where am I happiest?
I am happiest by your side
Whether in the garden,
the woods,
the mountains
Or in front of the TV, surfing the stations,
continuing to build our life together.
I am happiest with you.

  (Aww, isn't it sweet that I offer this book?)


Jain said...

O, Nellie, this is beautiful.

You can never take too many pictures said...

Your Bird shots are delightful, your poems inspirational and your look on life ,,,,,very much as I see it! I may have difficulty putting my expressions and emotions on paper, but I hope my images will portray what I feel in my heart and is how I see the world!Thank You so much for your Lovely Comment

I will enjoy exploring your Blog today...on this very wintery snowy day...and so Nice to Meet You....Greetings from Novar, Muskoka Region, Ontario, Canada. I Love Virtual Friends!!!!!

kathy said...

Love this poem Nellie, it's so beautiful! Your bird photos are wonderful! Thanks so much for your comment on Lucky Bamboo. They were 2 separate watercolors, the panda and the bamboo. I underpainted some leaves on the paper and then collaged on that.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

nellie I am a year late seeing this post (I came over form your Groundhog Day post 2012)
This is wonderful .. and what perfect pictures .. my husband and I celebrate 35 years of marriage this year .. 2012 I mean .. congratulations girl & guy !
Joy : )

Karen said...

What a poignant and loving tribute. It brought tears to my eyes, and a greater appreciation for the every day blessings we have. Thank you for this post!