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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy Walk Into the Garden

Today, we shall leave the protection of the porch and take a quiet walk through my winter garden.
I'll try not to talk much so you may just enjoy the snow.

I usually put this glider away for the winter. Pretty but not too comfy today.

Now it is out we go . . .
Then a last glance back from beyond the gate.
Learn more about my trinity gate HERE
( I love this book, Winter's Tale, beautiful pop-up cut-outs)


floweringmama said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love your gate. It is most spectacular. We've got the white stuff, too. I've been so busy with school I haven't had time to snap any new pictures.

Cathy @ Country Cathy

Beyond My Garden said...

Cathy, I did a special post when Jeff built and installed the gate.

KaHolly said...

A winter wonderland, to be sure!! I am vey impressed with the gate. Jeff did an incredible job. Your garden is amazing. I can see that I need to peruse more of your archived posts for inspiration! ~karen

CanadianGardenJoy said...

nellie I love your pictures here girl !
We have this sticky snow from yesterday afternoon .. it is beautiful this morning with the way it is "sticking" to everything .. I am waiting for it to become lighter out (cloudy so the sun is not exactly shining) .. so I can take some pictures.
Joy : )

Lois J. de Vries said...

Great photos, great garden!


Teresa said...

Hi Nellie,
Is this your home? Wow! It's beautiful.... like something out of a story book. This last photo just begs to be painted :-)