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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Longer Days for the Moss and Me

Our days are getting longer and while we are definitely still in the midst of winter plants are gearing up for growth.  
Flora growing close to the forest floor are usually the first to sprout.
They need to take advantage of the sunlight before the canopy overhead begins to rob them of light.
Not many plants are closer to the ground than is moss.
Rays of green spread out in soft mounds;
each tiny shoot pointing skyward.
Inspiring me to do the same.
I turn my face skyward,
raise my arms toward the light
and anxiously wait for spring.


KaHolly said...

My, how lovely. I hope you are considering the idea of making a book from of your blog. Your gift of expression is so inspiring. It would make quite a memory for you to keep. ~karen

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful sprouts.\Costas

Beyond My Garden said...

Karen, thank you for your words. I did make one of my travel blog Waverly to Tahoe. It is nice to have in hand, but I wish they could make the photos print nicer.