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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Evening Journey

December skies filled with fluff have given the mid Ohio valley more snow this season than we are used to.  Come along with me on a recent evening walk to accompany the setting sun.
A garden spruce, naturally flocked needs no sparkling lights to be a Christmas Tree.
The view from alongside my garden shows our home cozy under its comforting coverlet of white.
Do you see the road? Luckily I remember it is somewhere around here.
A remnant of this morning's tracks remains, leading us into the woods
These woods really ARE lovely dark and deep.
We should walk quickly under the snowy tree house, not tempting fate which has kept the structure held high on questionable support - its host tree rotting out from under it.  The tree house still stands in logic-defying suspension. Read Tree House Memories for more about the tree house and a boy who heart it holds.

Before we leave the woods, it is fun to see where we we have been.
And here, below are the feet that made those tracks.  Really, there are feet down there.
We enter the field as darkness seeps over us in shades of gray and lavender 

Let's venture out across the open land. We have turned toward the road which lies beneath the snow to the left of that row of walnut trees
Last light glows over an Ohio hill while we in West Virginia search the hill's edge for Jeff in the jeep.
If your legs are as tired as mine are from walking through the deep snow you're ready for a rest.
Theres our ride! Let's go!


KaHolly said...

What a lovely walk, although I certainly don't miss the snow! Enjoyed the treehouse post. In this picture, it looks as though it is sitting very precariously in that tree!! I just picked up Richard Louv's 'Last Child in the Wood' to re-read before his new book comes out in April. Your son was very lucky to have had such adventures! ~karen

Beyond My Garden said...

Karen, Every time I drive our road I look ahead to see if the treehouse is crashed below the rotten tree. It is times like this I wished we owned a crane. nellie