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Friday, November 19, 2010

"I wonder why we don't have any mockingbirds up on the hill?" I said that two days ago when watching one of the striking gray and white birds down by the river at my in-law's home.  I had noted it before, that particular lack of mockingbird with its 5:00 am wake-up call that is common in suburban neighborhoods.
It may no longer be true.  Today as I headed into the woods my path took me into a battle between a mockingbird and several eastern bluebirds. It appeared that the mockingbird was chasing a bluebird, but looks may be deceiving. As I stood and watched, the bluebird landed on my garden exit arbor while a mockingbird chattered at it from a nearby dogwood.
  The bluebird flew away only to have its spot usurped by the mockingbird. 
The mockingbird was led through the apple trees to my front yard then back into my garden and into the woods beyond.  Meanwhile, one of the bluebirds landed on my bluebird house . . .
. . . peering into the house which was open for cleaning. 
 Watching from the nearby bell arbor was another bluebird. I think that it was a male - female pair because the one on the arbor was more blue than the one perched on the bluebird house. 
Several bluebirds returned from the woods without a mockingbird in pursuit, rejoined the two checking out future digs and together they all flew off into the woods.  
I'm not sure what drama I witnessed.  It could very well have been a winter territory battle or maybe some other issue of which I can only guess.

I will continue to scope out the yard to see if the mockingbird finds a place to fit in. Stay tuned. . .

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