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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bovine Beauties

I do like cattle. They might not be the brightest of God's creations, but they are kind.
It is hard to look into the eyes of these young steers and see any meanness or bad thoughts. Never mind that it is hard so see many thoughts at all. But gentleness does show.  While these fellows are actually calves they are still plenty big and strong.  They could do some damage if they had a mind to.
If you have ever tried to push a cow away from its feed, or through the door of a pen, then you know the inert strength behind those shoulders.  
There is a reason people seldom teach cows to do tricks though one of my children's first books to read  by themselves was about a cowboy that kept falling off his horse so he learned to ride a cow. It was fiction.
Sometimes I ask myself if I would rather be stuck in a place for the rest of my life with just one person, would I choose a nice, dumb person, or a mean brilliant person.  There are good reasons for either answer. I haven't yet made up my mind.
But, look at those eyes - unfulfilled curiosity at its best.
Good-bye guys, I'll see you later.

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