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Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Another Work Day

Each new day begins unlike the day before. As I leave my home to meet with my crew, a new and unique sunrise awaits me. There could be fog covering the day like a layer of organza over my eyes. Trees show through in fuzzy sillouettes, outlined against a steely sky.

Or perhaps a pink hue streaks the sky like mica, warning us of possible storm later in the day.
Early morning at the St. Mary's Marina finds me, first, in the company of a few dedicated fisherman unloading their boats onto Middle Island Creek, then only the birds are left to catch their breakfast while I prepare for my meeting seated at a picnic table surrounded by papers and  black cardboard binders.
Fog has left the grass covered in dew, sparkling like tiny pearls which burst with a wetness that coats the edges of an early robin's feathers.
A dark night has left the robin hungry enough to ignore my presence as it uses my table for a perch om which to find a bite to eat.
My soul is filled as I work in such a presence. I love my office!

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barefootheart said...

Beautiful sunrise shots. I specialize in sunsets, myself ;)