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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wall Ferns

While in Lynchburg, Virginia at my friend's wedding, I found these ferns growing out of a cemetery wall.
There was little space for soil in the wall and few cracks but the ferns had somehow taken root all along the length of the rough wall.  The wall, a blue-gray stone structure, surrounded an historic graveyard associated with the Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Within its enclosure were the graves of many people buried in the early to mid 1800's, including John Lynch and his mother, Sarah Lynch.  John was a founder of Lynchburg.
The graveyard was originally built adjacent to the Quaker Meeting House built using logs in 1757. The log structure eventually burned and was replaced in 1798 by the beautiful stone building below.
Most of the Quaker population left the area, migrating west and north due to their opposition of slavery allowing the building to fall into a state of disrepair.
Sometime in the 20th century it was restored as part of the Presbyterian church which honored these early Christians in the naming of their current church.
The Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church is still an active church and is the current home and steward of these lovely and interesting little ferns.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting sight, ferns growing out of a wall!

Beyond The Garden said...

They looked like the air ferns that you buy in discount stores that I'm never sure if they are real or not.