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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shutter Bug Award

Last November I started blogging seriously.  I had tried it once before, but only had an entry every couple weeks. This time I decided to see if I could stick with it.  I did it because, first, I like to write.  It is relaxing and makes me happy. Second, I like to take photographs.  I like to draw and paint, but am not all that great.  I know I could be much better, but I am not willing to dedicate the amount of time in one sitting it takes to paint.  When I start painting in the morning, I don't want to stop.  When I blog, two hours is about the most I will put in.  A blog has an ending. My photography used with writing lets me compose and create a picture without having to get out the paints and paper along with a plastic cloth to protect my table. I don't consider my photos complete until I have written about them, or actually written with them. 
Like most of us bloggers, I like to know that someone reads what I write so it was a thrill to receive this award from Costas Tzagarakis of  Nature Digital, a lovely blog about Costas' wanderings around Greece.  From wildlife to city scenes, Nature Digital captures the country and its people
The award was begun by Patrick Tillett to recognize blogs that are based on photography and I am honored to be recognized by Costas Tzagarakis for my blogging  and happy to receive the Shutterbug award. Patrick's only requirement for accepting the award is that the honoree post a link to Patrick's blog somewhere on the receiver's own blog.
My job now is to pass on the award to  some blogs I think are deserving.  I particularly like:

This is a blog about the life and times of the ant, Princess Peppercloud and her friends. Though not technically a photography blog, every blog entry has photos of new original drawings of the everyday stuff ants do.  Things you might not have ever realized.

Another blog that deserves the award is

This is truly a photography blog, often with no writing other than the photograph caption.  The pictures are full of the vibrant colors that are India. I think you will enjoy seeing Diti Kotecha's pictures. Look at these two diverse blogs, One of scenes from Greece and the other portraying India. 

Enjoy their pictures today for tomorrow this blog will be back to just my own.  Today, you  will have to just put up with my narcissistic self-congratulations on receiving the Shutterbug Award


Naturedigital said...

Thank you for your kind words. I think your blog deserves a lot of attention. Your photographs and the text accompanying them are always great to watch and read.

flaming coppercat said...

o my, o my, thank you so much!
such an honor to be featured here!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Hello! I just checked my blog after several weeks and what a surprise! Thank you for the mention and the award. Your photos are fANTastic and fun to read.